Board-Approved Supervisor Training (BMFT, BBHT, BOSW)

In-Person at Ellie Mendota: 1370 Mendota Heights Road, Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Tamara Statz, MA, LMFT, FT; Lucas Volini, DMFT, LMFT; Mark Wilde, LMFT; Barb Stanton, PhD, LPCC, LMFT; Gina Young, MSW, LICSW; Kathryn Jargo, MA, LPCC; Kyle Ross, MA, LPCC; and Robyn Janssen, PsyD, LP, CSED

*NOTE: Class details will be sent via email 2 weeks prior to class. Please contact with any questions, and add us to your address book! 
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This 45-hour course is designed to meet the regulatory board requirements to become a board-approved supervisor with BMFT, BBHT, or BOSW. It is not intended to meet requirements for AAMFT supervision training.

(details: BMFT and BOSW require 30 hours of training, BBHT requires 45 hours training.)
Did you know that as an LMFT or LICSW board-approved supervisor, you can apply to ALSO be BBHT-approved and supervise folks seeking LPCC licensure? Pretty slick! But you need 45 hours of training. So if you attend this training as an LMFT or LICSW, you will have the flexibility to also apply to BBHT and supervise even more folks! Wonderful!)

-- Approved by the Board of Social Work (Ellie is provider # CE 2205)
-- Pending for the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy (application 2/25/2022)
-- Pending for the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (application 2/25/2022)

But $750 is a lot of money, what does that get me?

Fair point! It is a lot of money. (Also a tax write off, holla "Continuing Education"!)

This $750 gets you:

1. Ooodles of training content, handouts, robust discussion and interaction, introspection
2. Breakfast AND lunch for 5 days! (probably Cafe Zupas and Chipotle!)
3. A copy of The Contemporary Relational Supervisor book ($40 value!)
4. 45 board-approved CEUs (jeepers that's a lot! You'd be good for the next 2 years!)

**registration deadline: Monday, April 25th**



Monday, May 2: 9am-4pm:
The Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision
Preparing for Clinical Supervision

Tuesday, May 3: 9am-4pm:
Systemic Perspectives as Applied in Therapy, Supervision, and Mentoring
Legal Factors in Clinical Supervision

Wednesday, May 4: 9am-4pm:
Ethics of Clinical Supervision
Format and Models of Supervision

Thursday, May 5: 9am-4pm:
Cultural Aspects of Supervision
Troubleshooting Complex Dynamics and Repairing Ruptures

May 6-26:
Selected readings from The Contemporary Relational Supervisor(book included in registration costs)
Philosophy of Supervision Paper
3 hours watching recording: Contextual Factors of Clinical Supervisor

Friday, May 27: 9am-4pm:
Integration Day

5 days in person = 30 hours
Readings, Paper, and 3 hour recording to watch = 15 hours

Instructor Bios

Tamara Statz, MA, LMFT, FT

Tamara is a Marriage and FamilyTherapist in Minnesota in private practice, focusing on clinical work with older adults and their families. She is a Fellow in Thanatology, with expertise in death, dying, and bereavement. She was the Pre-Clinical Representative andLegislative Co-Chair on the Minnesota Association for Marriage and FamilyTherapy from 2015-2020 where she represented the interests of post-masters practitioners seeking licensure as LMFTs. In addition, she is the SeniorDirector of Learning and Development at Ellie Mental Health where she oversees the Continuing Education program and Clinical Licensure Supervision programs. Tamara has experience in clinical intervention research, private practice, non-profit leadership, and higher education. She has authored several peer-reviewed publications and regularly presents locally and nationally on topics related to older adults and death and dying.

Lucas Volini, DMFT, LMFT

Dr. Volini is all about optimizing systems, from the most basic unit of a relationship to organizational structures as large as the federal government.As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a doctoral degree specializing in macrosystem assessment and change, he believes that the 21st century provides us with all the knowledge necessary to improve society’s individual and collective mental health—it’s just a matter of putting that knowledge to practice. For Dr. Volini, taking an opportunity to join the Senior Leadership Team within one of the nation’s fastest growing mental health companies was a no-brainer. He joined Ellie Knowing that the optimization of system’s demand disinhibited creativity and a collective passion for innovating new solutions to historic problems. Ellie’s unique organizational culture provided an environment where Dr. Volini felt he could fully actualize his mission to elevate mental health as a national priority while working in an energized, collaborative environment amongst colleagues that finally felt like home. With a drive for innovation, passion for creativity, dense appreciation of absurdity, and fierce intolerance of suboptimal systems of care, Dr. Volini integrates teachings across various science-driven and philosophy-based disciplines to ensure that Ellie’s clinical programs and growing library of wellness resources establish a new standard for 21st century behavioral healthcare.

Prior to joining Ellie’s Senior Leadership Team, Dr. Volini worked full time as a complex systems researcher and professor teaching undergraduate, masters, and doctoral-level courses in applying general systems theory/cybernetics to resolve real-world issues. As part of his role in higher education, Dr. Volini has independently authored multiple textbooks along with peer-reviewed publications in academic journals, and regularly presents both locally and nationally on all things systems/mental health.

Barb Stanton, PhD, LPCC, LMFT

Barb has a PhD in CounselingPsychology and is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in NorthDakota, Minnesota, and Michigan. She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in North Dakota. She is a board approved LPCC supervisor inNorth Dakota and Minnesota as well as a board approved LMFT supervisor in NorthDakota. Throughout her career she has supervised clinical interns, professionals seeking licensure, and other licensed professionals. She has several years experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in marriage and family therapy and psychology programs as well as supervising students in their clinical work. She has over 30 years experience in mental health and has worked in a variety of settings from private practice to inpatient hospital settings. For the past 20 years she has developed a specialty in working with individuals who are neurologically diverse specifically those on the autism spectrum.

Gina Young, MSW, LICSW

Gina Young is an LICSW, LICSW and LPCC Board Approved Supervisor and therapist. Her previous experience in the field includes working in school based therapy, case management and crisis stabilization services. Gina started a community based internship program at Washburn Center for Children that ran for 5 years and allowed Community Based Staff to connect with one another in monthly intern groups with a prescribed curriculum to enhance their internship learning experience. Gina also directed the first group of 10MSW interns that worked within the Community Based Services program at Ellie Family Services in 2020. Gina became a LICSW board approved supervisor in 2015.Gina is passionate about providing clinical individual and group supervision.Gina specializes in working with children, adolescent, parents exposed to trauma.

Kathryn Jargo, MA, LPCC

Kathryn Jargo is an LPCC Board ApprovedSupervisor and therapist.  She has previously worked within county systems supporting individuals going through the civil commitment process, engaging in chemical health treatment, drug court and exiting incarceration.  For the past four years Kathryn has been supporting staff within community based services programs, such as in-home therapy and mental health rehabilitative work.  Kathryn has speciality training in the areas of EMDR, supporting first responders, and individual struggles with serious and persistent mental illness.

Mark Wilde, LMFT

Mark Wilde has been an approved supervisor with both the MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy and the MNBoard of Behavioral Health since 2016. In 2020, he also completed the national approved supervisor certification through the American Association of Marriage and FamilyTherapy. Mark currently works as one the the Directors of Community-BasedServices at Ellie Mental Health. Before that he was the program manager at aLevel 4 day treatment program for kids age 7 - 15. His philosophy of supervision focuses on teaching ethical decision making, and encourages supervisees to understand their own social location and intersectionality.

Kyle Ross, MA, LPCC

Kyle believes there is no need to face issues alone. With a collaborative approach, he can help people better understand the life events that have shaped their view of the world. Every individual experiences events that can discourage us. His goal is to help highlight the unique strengths that lie within all of us. Kyle strives to help children/adolescents, families, and adults to recognize the meaning they attach to life experiences. When we understand the meaning we attach to events, we better understand our choices.

Kyle specializes in working with individuals struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, Trauma/PTSD, andChildren/Adolescents. Collaboratively he works with clients to help them find a sense of safety, security, and belonging through their connections to others. I practice as an Adlerian therapist with blended CBT/DBT techniques.

Kyle has had the wonderful fortune to work with many individuals who have shaped his practice through work in residential, outpatient, and school settings.

Robyn Janssen, PsyD, LP, CSED
Robyn is a Licensed Psychologist who incorporates evidence based therapies such as CBT, DBT and ERP to help clients learn and utilize new skills to elicit change in their lives. She demonstrates kindness, compassion, humor and creativity to individualize therapy sessions. Her previous experience includes working in adolescent residential treatment and day treatment; hospital settings; Eating Disorders residential, PHP, IOP and OP treatment; private practice; and an adjunct professor.