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Clinical Training Virtual Catalog - enrollment key

Clinical Training Virtual Catalog - enrollment key

Date and Time

Virtual - these are recorded webinars, folks!

CEUs: Nearly unending, TBH. It's like, a lot a lot.

All sorts of folks! Presenters are listed on the training description in the catalog!

$ 5.00 
*NOTE: More details will be sent your way via email.
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Purchasing this item gets you a login for access to our bustling catalog of Clinical Trainings where you can purchase webinars of our past live trainings!! All were at one point board-approved through MN BOSW, BBHT, BMFT, and Nursing (some for the Board of Psychology as well). We provide clear instructions on how to read if the training you want to take is still under board approval. You are more than welcome to self-submit your certificate of completion to any other regulating body for approval.

​NOTE: When it comes to logistics, it is important that the person purchasing this enrollment key is the person attending the training/webinar. There is no way to change names on a certificate of completion or produce multiple of them as they are automatically created by the Learning Management System (LMS) not one by one by a human. We are subject to audit by the regulatory boards for our attendance records. If you have a co-worker, friend, or family member who wants to complete the webinar please have them purchase their own enrollment key here separately. If you have questions about this, please email us at prior to purchase.

Once you receive the Enrollment Key via email, you will get a link to go to the Eliie Training Virtual Catalog and pick out the webinar trainings you'd like to purchase! The cost is $15 per training hour, most trainings are 3 hours, so typically the cost is $45.

Upon completion, a Certificate of Completion will be in your transcript on the training portal! You can print from there!

If you are an Ellie Employee, please do not purchase a clinical catalog enrollment. Your Clinic Director is responsible for creating your login to the system and this will not give you the correct access you need for your employment.


Oh man, too many to list! But here is a list of the Clinical Trainings currently in the catalog! Most are 3 hours long.

Updated December 14th, 2023!


All courses listed all an active approval for BOSW as independent learning activity that does not expire. Outlined, you will find courses that have a current active approval for MN BMFT and MN BBHT within the year of 2024, please consult the course for exact dates for expiration.

1.    An Introduction to Adoption: Therapeutic Considerations   

2.    Art in Therapy: Ethical Practices with Adults

3.    Attune, Rupture, Repair:  Introduction toAttachment Theory and Clinical Applications    

4.    Audit-Proof Treatment Plans,  Case Notes, andDiagnostic Assessments    

5.    Autism 2.0: Your Guide to Working with Autistic Couples

6.    Best Practices in Family Therapy – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until November 2024

7.    Body/Mind Series: Introduction  to Trauma CenterTrauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)    

8.    Body/Mind Series: Introduction to Polyvagal Theory andClinical Applications  

9.    Body/Mind Series: SMART (and Other Somatics) inComplex Trauma Treatment    

10.  BreakingDown Barriers to Working with Borderline Personality Disorder  – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until April 2024 

11.  ChemicalHealth for the NON-LADC  

12.  ChildDevelopment and Children's Mental Health: Understanding Normative

13.  ChildDiagnostic Assessments: From Clinical Considerations in Diagnosing toCompliance

14.  ClientRetention and Practice Management

15.  ComplexFamily Systems for All

16.  ClinicalLanguage and Compliance Standards in Documentation – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until July 2024

17.  Couples/RelationalTherapy Series: Couples/Relational Therapy 101    

18.  Couples/RelationalTherapy Series: Therapeutic Approaches for Separation and Divorce

19.  Couples/RelationalTherapy Series: Tough Topics in Relational Therapy    

20.  DBTSkills    

21.  DC:05-A Crash Course for Practice    

22.  Death& Dying    

23.  DistressTolerance Skills in Outpatient Therapy – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until September2024

24.  DivorceTopics in Therapy    

25.  DSM-5-TRTraining

26.  EatingDisorder Assessment & Intervention

27.  Ethicsand Best Practices in Clinical Licensure Supervision

28.  Ethicsand Supervision

29.  EthicalConsiderations in Working with Parents Regarding Child Safety Concerns - – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until June 2024

30.  IntegratingPsychedelic  Experiences in Psychotherapy    

31.  Introductionto Sex Therapy:  Managing Clinical Anxiety and the Value of Integration   

32.  Let's TalkAutism, ADHD, Alexithymia, Learning Disabilities, and Sensory Profiles Throughan Affirmative Lens: Equipping You with a Strong Foundational Understanding ofTraits, Interventions, and Resources with a Primary Focus on Children – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until March 2024

33.  Legal Issues Spotting When Working With Families Impacted BySubstance And Mental Health  – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until November 2024

34.  LevelingUp Your Therapy: Geek  Topics in Practice    

35.  MentalHealth Considerations in Working with Hmong and Somali Clients

36.  MOREInterventions with Kids and Families

37.  MaybeSometimes Coffee is the Answer: A Nutritional Approach to Mental Health – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until January 2024

38.  NotYour Typical Autism Training    

39.  OCD2.0 Deep Dive    

40.  PediatricPsychological Evaluation: Applications in Clinical Practice

41.  ONESIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL: Integrating Guidelines for Practice When Working with aDiverse Clientele – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until July 2024

42.  PracticalApplications of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy  – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until April 2024

43.  PromotingHealing for the  Dying: Practical Tools to Support Those Living withSerious Illness    

44.  PsychotropicMedication Primer  for Mental Health Professionals    

45.  PsychotropicMedications in Minors!  - – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until June 2024

46.  MoreCoffee Isn't Always the Answer: A Nutritional Approach to Mental Health

47.  QuestioningReality: VR in Therapy

48.  RiskFactors Affecting Postpartum Sexual Functioning – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until March 2024

49.  Runningout of Fucks: A  Proactive Approach to Secondary Traumatic Stress   

50.  Sex& Gender Series: Ethical Non-Monogamy and Poly Skills for Mono Clients

51.  Sex& Gender Series: Exploring TRANSitions - Hormones and Child/AdolescentGender Identity

52.  Sex& Gender Series: Joys and Considerations of Working with LGBTQIA+Clients

53.  Sex& Gender Series: The Kinky Side: Normalizing Non-Traditional Sex

54.  Sex& Gender Series: Therapy with Trans Clients / Questioning Gender

55.  Sex& Gender Series: When our Bodies and Desires Don't Match: The PhysicalSide of Sexual Concerns

56.  StopTrying to Stop Thinking That: OCD Treatment Approaches That Work  

57.  Therapyin the Time of Covid: Clients

58.  Therapyin the Time of Covid: Clinicians    

59.  Therapyin the Time of Covid: Telehealth    

60.  Therapywith Kids and Families: Tangible Strategies for Engagement and Intervention   

61.  TraumaInformed Supervision – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until February 2024

62.  Uncouplinga Good Divorce  – ACTIVE BMFT/BBHT approval until June 2024

63.  WhatDA Hell?! Unpacking your Diagnostic Assessment    

64.  Workingwith Clients Who Are Differently Abled (Overview)

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