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POST approved Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, Autism, & Informed Policing

POST approved Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, Autism, & Informed Policing

Date and Time
June 7th, 2023 - June 9th, 2023

Ellie Mental Health

1370 Mendota Heights Rd.

Mendota Heights, MN 55120

All 3 days- 18 POST credits (Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, Autism, & Informed Policing)

Brittany Miskowiec, PhD, MSW, LICSW

Scott Ramsdell, MS

Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell, MS

Royce Vang, MA

$ 425.00 
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This 3 day training has been approved by POST to meet all 18 hours of mental health required training.

Day 1 will focus on mental health and crisis intervention with a goal of enhancing the attendees’ existing knowledge of crisis intervention techniques and how to interact with people who are experiencing mental health crises (6 POST approved credits).

Day 2 willl focus on Autism and neurodiversity with a goal of enhancing the attendees’ existing knowledge of neurodiversity and how to incorporate best policing practices when encountering persons within these populations (6 POST approved credits).

Day 3 will focus on cultural differences, implicit bias, conflict management, mediation, and stress with a goal of enhancing the attendees’ existing knowledge of these topics and providing strategies for incorporating them into their current policing practices (6 POST approved credits).

Each of the training goals will be met through a mixture of in-person lectures, group discussion, and scenario-based learning.


Day 1 Mental Health & Crisis Intervention Objectives

*Day 1 is POST-approved to meet the 6 hour POST requirement for Crisis Intervention and Mental Illness Crisis (CIMIC) Training

  • Understand the challenges of mental illnesses
  • Discuss the relationship between mental illness and the criminal justice system
  • Discuss the link between culture and mental illness
  • Identify safe and effective resolution of mental health crises
  • Learn response strategies for resolution of special populations
  • Understand the custody and care of persons experiencing mental illness crises
  • Discuss mental health concerns of peace officers

Day 2 Autism & Neurodiversity Objectives

* Day 2 is POST-approved to meet the 4-hour POST requirement for AutismTraining plus 2 additional hours

  • Understand autism spectrum disorder
  • Promote safe practices and positive outcomes
  • Identify useful tools and technologies
  • Participate in scenario-based learning
  • Understand neurodiversity
  • Identify different types of neurodiversity
  • Demonstrate best communication types and styles with neurodivergent populations
  • Identify best practices when working with neurodivergent populations


Day 3 Informed Policing Objectives

*Day 3 is POST-approved to meet the 3 hour POST requirement forConflict Management/Mediation and 3 hour requirement for Community Diversity,Cultural Differences/Implicit Bias

  • Understand race relations and their impact on policing practices
  • Define and explain implicit and explicit bias
  • Demonstrate impartial policing
  • Define fair and impartial policing
  • Demonstrate conflict management techniques
  • Identify best conflict management skills and strategies
  • Understand how to manage conflict
  • Define stress
  • Understand the body’s stress response
  • Identify the effects of stress accumulation
  • Demonstrate best stress prevention and management strategies.
  • Participate in scenario-based training

Instructor Bios

Brittany Miskowiec, PhD, MSW, LICSW

Brittany was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and brings a bit of her southern twang and sass to the work she does. She’s worked with law enforcement, first responders, and veterans for almost 15 years and now exclusively works with this population. Brittany moved to Minnesota in 2013 and worked as the Director of Psychological Health at the Minnesota Army National Guard until 2016. Since then, she’s continued to focus on training, education, therapy, and program development for these populations. As the Protector Overwatch Program Director, Brittany really believes in the importance of the program’s mental health providers being familiar with the type of work that law enforcement, first responders, and veterans do. She understands the importance of therapy to understand your day to day duties and culture and by gaining understanding. It’s important to her that therapists try to immerse themselves into these cultures so they can better help you. Brittany takes a no bullsh!t approach to therapy and it’s really important to her that people feel comfortable in a therapy setting. She tries to infuse humor into her work with clients.

Scott Ramsdell, MS

Scott Ramsdell is on a mission to bring wellness into the therapeutic arena. Trained as an integrated wellness coach, he has aunique, thirty-year background in fitness, wellness, and coaching. He is a retired police officer and possesses an AS degree in Integrative Health and Healing, a BS degree in Sociology, Kinesiology and Rhetoric and an MS degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He has co-authored the Counselor-In-Training Wellness Protocol, worked as a content contributor for major wellness brands and has experience in presenting on a variety of wellness-related topics. In addition to his education degrees, he holds multiple certifications in a variety of health and wellness specializations. He is currently employed as a therapist for Ellie Mental Health and works exclusively with the Law Enforcement, First Responder and Veteran populations.

Royce Vang, MA, LAMFT

Royce is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a background in the Criminal Justice Field. This means she is passionate about relationships and has expertise in healing trauma and stress from a body-oriented perspective. Prior to joining Ellie, Royce spent time in school-based mental health and working with families and athletes. She is thrilled to join her passion for mental health with her love for providing innovative services to meet the unique needs of various communities.

Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell, MS

Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell is a Therapist with Ellie Mental Health’s Protector Overwatch Program. She specializes in working with law enforcement, first responders, veterans, and their families through direct client support as well as coordinating the creation of family support programs with local departments and agencies alike. She obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Saint Cloud State University in August of 2021 and her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 2018. She is dedicated to providing inclusive and compassionate mental health care and education to promote a sense of belonging across communities, foster healthy communication and relationships among individuals,and support folks as they navigate all the sh*t that life throws at them.